Clubbing in Antwerp

'Antwerp by night' starts with good food, always a highlight. Chatting away the hours with friends in a funky bar or on the river terraces in the summer is the low key ‘night out’. For an adrenalin pumping, party night, the city is your dance floor - salsa, hard rock, disco or drum 'n bass, the beat thumps and the dance clubs heave around the city centre and along the river Scheldt.

Ikon is known for it's great cocktails, fantastic atmoshere and sensational DJ's. Home of the very best parties in town.Open every Friday and Saturday from 20h00 until 06h00. Check the website for all details:

Café d’Anvers is one of the oldest and most famous clubs in Antwerp. Best know for it’s good quality house music.
Thursdays: 23h – 6h student nights
Fridays: 23h – 8h international DJ nights
Saturdays: 23h – 8h resident nights

Café Local is open every Thursday and Saturday and sometimes on Wednesday (Pré-soirée) and Sunday (Salsa Domingo).
Thursdays: hits, dance, classics, R&B en disco nouveau! Minimum age limit 18 years old. Free entrance, doors: 22h.Saterdays: Paradise Saterdays with house music. Dress code: nightlife chique, doors 23h (only with membership card). minimum age limit 18 years old.

Carré Is Open: Every friday, every saturday, every sunday, every monday, every first thursday of the month and every day before a bank holiday. Doors open at 22:00. Max. capacity 2000.

Petrol is an alternative underground club in Antwerpen, located in an old industrial building. From techno to hiphop, from reggae to rock, from dubstep to disco. Open on Friday and Saturday night. Minimum age 16 years. No dress code.

Red & Blue is open every Thursday and Saturday from 23h - 7h, as well as on special occasions. Thursdays are mainly focusing on students. On Saturdays it’s men only. Music played: house, club, progressive, ...
Red & Blue is a private club and has a strict house policy. Read it before you enter the club!

Contact our team at the reception for further info and addresses.

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